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Yeshiva Toras Dovid

Since its inception, Yeshivas Toras Dovid has aspired to create the warm, collegial and growth-oriented environment where ba'alei teshuvah can solidify and sustain their growth in Torah learning and Torah living. Named in memory of Dovid Winiarz zt'l, Toras Dovid's mission is to provide the support and skills that will enable our students to become b'nei Torah that are equipped to build Torah homes and contribute to the Torah community at-large.... With this in mind, Toras Dovid offers a wide array of text-based classes ranging from a basic introduction to Gemara through advanced learning and rabbinic s'micha. Classes in halacha, hashkafa, Chumash and mussar provide a well-rounded curriculum to give our students both the knowledge and the skills to carry them through a lifetime of learning. Our staff of rabbeim have extensive experience dealing with ba'alei teshuvah and are uniquely equipped to help our students navigate the challenges and pitfalls - be it shidduchim, parnassah, family, shalom bayis or the like - that unfortunately can loom "larger than life" for the ba'al teshuvah who finds himself without a proper community or environment to reckon with those challenges. Our mission at Toras Dovid is to meet each of our students where they are at and to provide a healthy growth-oriented framework to prepare them for a successful and fulfilling life of the ben Torah.

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